Transmission Test Bench



Performance and Endurance Test
Test performance of various transmission, such as shifting force impact, torque, NVH, rotation speed etc. Endurance test is keeping the transmission in working status for a long time to test its performance change.


Automatic Transmission
Automatic transmission is kind of device which switches among different shift positions according to engine rotation speed. Normally, there are four types of automatic transmission, i.e. hydraulic automatic transmission (AT), continuous variable transmission (CVT), automated mechanical transmission (AMT), DCT.


Manual Transmission
Manual transmission, i.e. mechanical transmission, only allows change of gear engagement position through manual operation to change gear ratio for speed varying.


Continuous Variable Transmission
Continuous variable transmission adopts only two sets of belt pulley for variable speed transmission to avoid complicated gear combinations speed transmission. CVT could realize continuous change of gear ratio via change of contact radius of transmission belt between driving wheel and slave wheel. In this way, transmission system could match engine working condition.


Dual Clutch Transmission
DCT is abbreviation of Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT is technically the same as DSG, which is identified by VolksWagen). It consists of two sets of clutches.


NVH analyzer 
NVH analyzer automatically generates reference benchmark as per vibration of current batch of products. As difference exists between tested part and the benchmark, NVH analyzer performs analysis of this difference and decides the tested part is qualified or not. Fault identification mode supports judgment of potential faulted parts and generates repair suggestions in text form.



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